About Us

The team at VonHayden shares a passion to develop and provide enhanced, intelligent cyber security and to ensure that security is easily accessible to users. Our team has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in networking systems and vulnerability threats – both as IT engineers and as specialists in Penetration Testing and Certified Ethical Hacking.


We want to apply our knowledge and experience to the development of a whole new series of security products that are easily accessible, reliable and sustainable with a strong visual presentation.


The first product in the series is the VonHayden Firewall. All firewall customers can look forward to a continuous series of updates and unique add-ons offered as upgrades to the box. And all customers will of course be the first to know about further new product developments.

VonHayden Technology is based in Copenhagen and is a company in the international VonHayden Group, which specializes in consulting engineering and software development.